How much does it cost to hire a space

It cost £10 a week to hire a space 1 meter by 1.4 meter approx.

How long can I hire a space for

A minimum of two weeks to a maximum of eight weeks

How many pictures can I fit in to my space

That really depends on the size of your work but on average 4 to 6 standard sized pieces of work.

What happens when I sell a piece of work

We will let you know and you can replace it at no extra charge.

What commission do you charge on sales

20% on all sales plus 3% on bank card sales

When do I get paid for my sales

Payment is made on the second Tuesday of the month. (Note: all bank card sales must have cleared in to our account before payment is made)

Do I have to steward at anytime

No, the gallery provide all the stewarding

May I hang work that is not for sale in the hope of generating commissions

No, all work displayed, must be for sale and priced appropriately

Can I sell greeting cards of my work 

New for 2017, the answer is yes. Please ask for details on the presentation. The sale of cards should be a great way to cover the cost of space hire but is only available to artist while hiring a space.